The Wired Differently Course

The Wired Differently Course

Course Overview

The Wired Differently course is the first of its kind created by Todd Saylor. It will teach you the uncommon, very practical, step-by-step process that he has used to identify and exploit the greatest opportunities afforded to Entrepreneurs, Executives, Salespeople, Professionals, Investors, Business Owners, and Leaders. The Wired Differently Methodology was developed by Todd Saylor to help people break free of standard wired beliefs. After applying this method to his own busy life, Todd achieved an extraordinary life for himself and his family. This is a course that will teach you how to harness and leverage your wired differently mindset and framework to live life differently. It discusses how being wired differently is a good thing when you know how to identify and leverage it. He teaches you how to understand how you’re genetically wired differently, attitudinally wired differently, and how to actualize your Wired Differently brain. Todd Saylor is a 20+ year entrepreneur and works with people every day who are wired differently and he is also wired differently. As a result, he knows firsthand the struggles and challenges one may face, as well as the success that comes when you learn how to understand your wiring. There is a genetic basis for being wired differently. Every person has certain predispositions that can be leveraged. When you know what you’re good at, it’s easier to get good at other things.
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Completing this course will help you:

  • Break free of your standard wired beliefs.


  • It will teach you a process you can use to stay ahead and avoid pitfalls.


  • You learn how to leave behind your miserable past and create a much more fulfilling identity for yourself.

Who is the course for?

  • People that want to learn how to harness their wired differently mindset and framework to live life differently.


  • Anyone that is interested in improving their life or anyone looking to break a bad emotional or behavioral habit.


  • Anyone that wants to learn how to be wired differently and achieve extraordinary results in life