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Wired Differently – Think Differently

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Be Differently.
Do DifferentLy.
Think DifferentLy.
We're Wired Differently.

Are you wired differently? Are you a Misfit? You’re not like everyone else. Wired Differently believes that thinking outside the box and being unbound by the status quo is an advantage. When you’re wired differently, sometimes others might call you weird, crazy, or foolish, but you and your big ideas deserve to see the light of day. Resist the average; be you; think uniquely; YOU’RE WIRED DIFFERENTLY!

The Art of Seeing
The World Differently

Discover Your Potential

"OWn IT and ZONE it"
You're Wired Differently

Hi, my name is Todd Saylor. I am the author of the book, the brand, and the attitudinal disorder called Wired Differently, which desires to help people learn how to be, do, and think differently. You’re special, you’re differently, so own it and zone it.

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Be Unbound by
"the Land OF Quo" That Restricts You

A mind is a wonderful tool with a tremendous amount of potential. Some of the most creative minds in the world are also the most unconventional.

Define Your Success

Wired Differently can help guide you toward self-knowledge and self-understanding.

Reach Your Goals

In order to accomplish your goals, you can use a Wired Differently approach.

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This is a movement that encourages people to celebrate differences in being and in action.
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Be Yourself

When we embrace who we are, we discover a new world of opportunity.

We Convert Your Differences from a
Weakness to a Strength

 I help people see the value of thinking and being differently and to leverage their speciality with a mindset to think purposefully. If you can look at everything from a differently point of view, with a supremely focused vision, your ultimate reward is in hand. 

Successful Business Owner

It’s one thing to say you are wired differently, but another to prove it. Saylor said that his journey of self-discovery ultimately led to him being viewed as invaluable in the business world. Todd Saylor is an ordinary person who achieved extraordinary results by embracing the idea that he was wired differently. Saylor is a motivational speaker, an entrepreneur, an athlete, and a philanthropist. Throughout life, Saylor has found that his wiring is an asset. In this talk, Saylor shares his unique perspective on maximizing one’s potential – not just by seeing things differently – but by being differently.

Passionate Speaker

Todd Saylor is the driving force behind Wired Differently , an innovative consultancy that empowers people to think differently, dig into their unique talents, and discover new ways of solving problems. With more than 35 years of experience in the corporate world, he has helped countless teams, leaders, and organizations solve complex business problems in a number of industries. Filled with just the right mix of sarcasm and insight, Todd Saylor brings professionalism home with Wired Differently .  

Accomplished Author

Todd Saylor is an accomplished author that helps people that are different from others, or have a mindset different from others, through his Wired Differently Book series. Wired Differently offers a fresh new perspective on how people with differently dispositions can succeed in life.

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experience our unique culture

We at Wired Differently, encourage people to be and think differently. We’re a creative company making innovative resources that help people become more empowered. Everything we create is to help you communicate your vision brilliantly.

Our Most Popular Products

People who are wired differently, like to take charge of their own direction. Our online store offers a wide selection of products to help you understand your wiring. 


Wired Differently Book

In this thought-provoking, life-changing book, Todd Saylor explains how our brains are “wired differently” and how we can use these differences to succeed in life. It’s about overcoming pain and suffering, realizing your potential, and creating the life you want – your Wired Differently.


DriftAgain Book

In DriftAgain, Todd Saylor Challenges you to understand your “Why” in life. It’s a story of tradition and failure, of invention and growth, of passion and creativity, of frustration and success. By reading the story of those who have lived on these shores before you as well as those who will follow after you, you become aware of your own story and how it fits into the whole.

Wired Differently T-shirt


Wired Differently celebrates the anti-conformist spirit of the band by showcasing our “Wired Differently” t-shirt. Whether you’re a dreamer, a stargazer, a soulmaker, a wild child or a rebel rouser, this t-shirt is for you. Screen-printed on our classic cotton tee, it dares you to express your misfit ways.

Wired Differently Workbook


The Wired Differently workbook is designed to maximize your learning from the “Wired Differently” book. You will find a separate lesson for each chapter in the book with a summary of the material you will learn, a list of questions to help with examination and reflection, and key concepts that will help you better understand the material.

Online courses with Todd Saylor


Learn the Way Of
Wired Differently

Let's Grow Together

Todd Saylor

We Are Misfits

In the modern world, we’re expected to fit in. This pressure can be hard to bear for anyone who feels different from their peers. In Wired Differently , an author and published speaker known for his advocacy of people doing things differently, argues that being wired differently is a distinct advantage.

What’s important is that you see yourself as different. Once you do that, then everything else flows naturally. You begin the process of becoming someone who’s proud to be wired differently. You discover your creative nature.

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Are you wired differently? If you’re looking to learn more about Wired Differently, please call Todd Saylor.

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