Forget about the "Life Hacks" that don't work, the "Occasional Motivation" that doesn't help, and the "Junky Videos"

What if you could finally start making meaningful progress, after all the time you spent thinking? We're all Wired Differently

Raise your hand if...

You’re feeling a bit stuck in life and feel like you’re not making any progress?

You have a vision but are held back by fear, self-doubt, and the voices in your head. I can help you break through those barriers and realize your full potential.


Give yourself the best possible chance of reaching your goals by developing a clear vision for where you’re headed in life. By following your passions and constantly pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, you’ll learn to be truly happy with where you are in life and how much of an impact you’re able to have upon the world around you. 


Want to challenge yourself? Check out my free coaching series, “I Want To Challenge You.” I will help you define your purpose and accomplish your goals.


There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to people and their wiring. I’m here to help you find out what your wiring is and show you how to work with it.


FREE Coaching Series

We all know a little motivation can go a long way. But let's be honest - it's not going to last long. That's why I have created a system to help you learn how to hack your brain and unleash your potential like a wired differently badass.

Challenge yourself and discover what you're capable of. You'll have the chance to change your life forever with my coaching and accountability program. Learn about specific goals or life challenges that others in my coaching program have overcome, and learn how you can create the life you always wanted to live.

I want to challenge you to think big. I want to challenge you to take risks. I want to challenge you to join me and start on the path of personal evolution — discovering yourself and creating a life that is truly your own.

Do you sometimes get so confused by your day-to-day that you can't find any direction or purpose? You don't have to feel this way any longer. The "I Want To Challenge You" series is designed to help you find the clarity, direction and purpose you've been looking for, while learning how to deeply connect with all of the people around you.

Your coaching program "I Want to Challenge You" will teach you how to use your wiring to make better and healthier decisions in your life by understanding how you how your mind and body are wired.

Who am I and why I created this system?

Hi, name's Todd Saylor. I'm the author of Wired Differently. It's a book, brand, and attitudinal disorder that shows people how to be, do, and think differently. You're a unique individual, and it's time you started enjoying your individuality. Whether you have a business or not, I'm here to help you define your success.

A mind is a wonderful tool with a tremendous amount of potential. Some of the most creative minds in the world are also the most unconventional.

If you're not taking the initiative in life, you're drifting. That's why I've created my "I WANT TO CHALLENGE YOU" coaching series. It will help you stop the driftagain and start achieving your goals.

Here's what you'll get in the "I WANT TO CHALLENGE YOU" Series
No matter where you get stuck - just come back and refer to the video. You'll start gaining complete mastery over your mindset to achieve the unthinkable.
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