"A Game Changer!"

- David A. Kauffman

key note speaker todd saylor

How do people respond to your Leadership?

Have you identified the most effective leadership method for your people?

I am constantly developing leadership methods that will be most effective in the different areas of my life with the people I have been entrusted with.

People have different genetic and experiential factors that govern the type of  relationships that work for them.

I am effective with some people and not as effective with others. I have made a conscious decision to become better and accept that people are Wired Differently.  They do things differently, think differential, handle stress differently, forgive differently, love differently.

Experience Objectives:

Participants will learn how to :

  • Recognize and embrace their differences
  • Identify Attitudinal, Genetic and Experiential drivers that shape peoples leadership and relationship styles
  • Take inventory of their strengths and weaknesses
  • Use their gifting and the gifting of their peers to push beyond average

So many ways to apply this to all ares of your life. – James Getts