Lesson 4 – Distance

Lesson 4 – Distance



It’s not just the efforts you make, but also the distance you’re willing to go. In earlier modules, we discussed the importance of your mind for achieving goals. Today, let’s talk about your level of endurance and how far you’re willing to go to meet your desired goal.




What would you do differently if you knew you couldn’t fail? Do you ever remember quitting on something? Do you ever remember falling short of something? How did that affect you, and did it alter your thinking on future endeavors? Let’s examine the concept of endurance. The first thing most people think about when talking about endurance is physical endurance. When you’re physically tired, you’re more prone to make mistakes. But mental endurance plays a massive role in your level of performance.




The difference between a good and a great athlete is mental endurance. The more you prepare your mind for a tough task, the less fatigued you feel when you get to the meat of it.




The mind and endurance are equally important. Endurance is the ability to withstand hardship and remain strong over a long period of time, or during repeated failures or frustrations. It’s powering through all the arduous tasks, staying dedicated, and making sacrifices in order to succeed.




We’ve all heard the “80/20” rule — that is, 80% of our results come from 20% of our effort. It’s the same with the things we want to accomplish in life, too: it takes a full 80% of the work to get started. Once we are ready to set our minds on a goal and go after it, we need to stay prepared to keep going even if our energy dwindles along the way.




You can’t give up when you do experience failure. You can’t let stress, exhaustion, or hardships deter you from pursuing your goal. Don’t let your energy and resolve disappear at the first sign of adversity or hardship, because those are the moments where you need endurance the most.




As you’ve explored in the previous installments of this series, your dreams won’t come true without your imagination and determination.




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