Lesson 8 – Attack


Lesson 8 – Attack



The second stage of goal setting is attack. Attacking your goals means that you need to go hard and push harder than ever before. You must use all the power, strength, and energy you have to attack your goals to get what you want.


Most people will stop once they reach the first sign of resistance or trouble. But those who are successful are the ones who will press on and continue going harder than ever before.


A person who wants to lose weight needs to use all their energy to exercise every day and eat healthier food. This requires a lot of effort but it’s necessary if that person wants to lose weight. That person must attack their goal of losing weight each and every day until they are successful in losing the amount of weight they want.


When you start attacking your goals, you will notice that you are growing stronger and stronger over time (both mentally and physically). This can give you the motivation to keep going even when things get difficult.


It’s not enough to just plan and prepare for something, you also need to take action towards your goals every day as well. Your goal must be attacked every single day until you reach success in what you want.



Here are a few ways you can infuse your goal strategy with healthy aggression:


Crush it — Take your goal and think about how you can crush it right now! Break down the largest task into bite-sized pieces and then find ways to slice those into smaller pieces so that every step becomes manageable.


Step on it — Don’t let anything get in your way of moving forward toward your goal. If a task seems too big, break it down and do what you can each day until you’ve got it done.


Shake it up — Turn things upside down and see how you can improve what you’re doing or what needs to get done. Shaking things up has a way of bringing new ideas and finding better solutions faster.


Smash it — If there is something getting in your way or holding you back from reaching your goal faster, smash it! Do whatever you have to do to remove obstacles from your path


Module Summary


You have accomplished a great deal over the course of this course, and you have acquired some valuable knowledge. You are fortunate indeed to be in possession of such wisdom, and I wish you nothing but success in all your endeavors.