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DriftAgain: 8 Traits of Supremely Purposeful People


“DriftAgain” by Todd Saylor is a motivational book exploring ‘Wired Differently’—eight traits of purposeful individuals. It combines Saylor’s experiences and insights, featuring testimonials praising its impact on overcoming complacency and fear of failure. The book, structured into chapters like ‘The MARK’ and ‘The EGO,’ shares Saylor’s personal stories, including a transformative car accident, emphasizing the need for active engagement in life. It advocates for a balance between ambition and empathy, essential for success and fulfillment. Ideal for those seeking to face challenges and pursue meaningful personal and professional goals.

Wired Differently: Leveraging Your Favors on Fulcrum Principles


“Wired Differently” by Todd Saylor is a motivational book for those feeling out of place, emphasizing the unique gifts in being “wired differently.” Saylor shares his journey through challenges like depression and losing direction, termed the “Drift,” to inspire readers to embrace their differences. He introduces “Favors,” personal talents or experiences, as tools for growth and overcoming fear. The book is a practical guide for anyone, especially entrepreneurs, to acknowledge their unique strengths, set goals, and make strategic plans for success and self-improvement. It’s a compelling read for transforming individuality into a pathway for achievement.

Your Will Be Done: How To Become Wired Differently


“Your Will Be Done: How to Become Wired Differently” by Todd Saylor is a motivational book blending personal growth, spiritual wisdom, and actionable strategies. It’s ideal for leaders, entrepreneurs, and those seeking meaningful success. Saylor’s ‘Wired Differently’ philosophy encourages harnessing free will for extraordinary achievements and becoming ‘Successionaires’—innovative leaders who inspire others. The book stresses developing positive habits, leveraging the subconscious, and conquering limiting beliefs. Rooted in Christian values, it serves as both a self-help guide and a call to live purposefully in alignment with divine intentions. Saylor’s experiences enrich the book, making it a vital resource for anyone aspiring to transform their life and leadership.