DriftAgain By Todd Saylor (Audiobook)

DriftAgain By Todd Saylor (Audiobook)

DriftAgain By Todd Saylor (Audiobook)


Do you feel like you are drifting in your direction of life?

You have more potential than you know. Without a clear direction in life, it is nearly impossible to reach your full potential.

DriftAgain is an incredible audiobook on how to stop drifting in life and start living a purpose driven life! The audiobook is written by the author, Todd Saylor, so you can hear and connect with his unique story in your own head. He gives you a clear and simple definition of what the word “why” means in relation to priorities, goals, and achieving success. This audiobook is filled with inspirational stories and actionable steps that will help you find your why while also achieving goals that are extremely important to you.

The audio version of Todd’s best-selling book, DriftAgain, which has been read by thousands. Todd speaks in a very conversational tone, to help guide you through his entire process. This is a great tool for anyone who is confused about their life’s purpose or direction. Learn how to begin accomplishing your dreams, become fulfilled and happy with yourself, share why you exist instead of drifting in life.

DriftAgain audiobook helps you get back on track and define your path while removing obstacles that prevent you from achieving what you want.

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  • This audiobook will help you permanently stop falling back into old habits, and help you create a success plan that is critical to your life.
  • If you are interested in a career change, desire a life of adventure, or want to follow your passion full time you will love this audiobook. It helps you find the courage, confidence and skills to get started!
  • You will develop a clear vision of your own and be able to easily reach your goals.

Why you should buy this book

We all like to believe what we’re doing is important and useful. But when you look at most people’s lives, they feel like they are simply drifting without a clear purpose or direction.

In many successful people, we have found that the more successful they become, the harder it is to be honest with themselves. They may not admit it, but they start drifting.

Start by purchasing this audiobook. All of your questions about drifting and how to get back on track will be answered within the next two hours.


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