Wired Differently Motivation - "Escape The Land Of Quo" Coaching Series

Wired Differently Motivation - "Escape The Land Of Quo" Coaching Series

Wired Differently Motivation - "Escape The Land Of Quo" Coaching Series


Order your copy of this CD from Todd Saylor. Todd talks to you specifically of the journey you need and how to move away from the land of Quo and Drift.

Feel lost and not sure how to get where you need to be?

Quo is the Latin word for “the existing state of affairs” Quo has taken on a new definition in today’s fast-paced culture. We have to have it now, we want it all, and we will find every excuse in the book to blame others when we fail to achieve it. If you think of quotidian (ritual activities repeated daily) as a new religion, or worse a cult, then you’re right where I want you to be. I want you to see that you can escape this elemental and pervasive virus by using the elements of your life to create the definition of success that truly fulfills who you are.

It’s time for to take a hard look at all of your goals and identify the barriers, excuses and reasons why you haven’t achieved them yet.

Read this eleven-part coaching series by Todd Saylor, titled Escape the land of Quo.

This series will walk you through several practical steps that will help you finally get started on reaching your goals.

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What do you get:

Here is an eleven-part coaching series released by Todd Saylor called “I Want To Challenge You.” This series is designed to help you escape drifting and start achieving your goals. The practices will help you recognize the barriers to your success and how to eliminate them.

The Eleven Parts are as follows:

1. Drift

2. Plenty Pleasure Pride

3. Land of Quo

4. Favor, Leverage, Wonderfully made

5. Mind Fulcrum Principle

6. Execution Fulcrum Principle

7. Edge Fulcrum Principle

8. Attack Fulcrum Principle

9. Fight Fulcrum Principle

10. Distance Fulcrum Principle

11. Your Sale Fulcrum Principle

Experience what others are calling “transformational coaching” today.


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