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  1. E book (PDF) of WD book
  2. E Book (PDF) of WD Work Book
  3. Audio Book (MP3) of WD book
  4. WD Screen background for Zoom
  5. Audio of Todds Coaching (11 MP3 files)
  6. Recording of IPPA talk (Video)
  7. Coupon for WDeX 11/14/20 Entrepreneurial Huddle Via Zoom


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Wired Differently Book

  1. Opening Credits 

  2. Testimonials

  3. Contents

  4. Foreward

  5. Introduction

  6. Chapter 1 Drift

  7. Chapter 2 Mind

  8. Chapter 3 Distance

  9. Chapter 4 Fight

  10. Chapter 5 Execution

  11. Chapter 6 Edge

  12. Chapter 7 Attack

  13. Chapter 8 Your Sale

  14. Conclusion

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Wired Differently Principles and Mindset

  1. Drift

  2. Plenty  Pleasure Pride

  3. Land of Quo

  4. Favor, Leverage, Wonderfully made

  5. Mind Fulcrum Principle

  6. Execution Fulcrum Principle

  7. Edge Fulcrum Principle

  8. Attack Fulcrum Principle

  9. Fight Fulcrum Principle

  10. Distance Fulcrum Principle

  11. Your Sale Fulcrum Principle

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Wired Differently Book

Wired Differently Work Book


Wired Differently Zoom Background

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