Infuse Your Goal Strategy With Healthy Aggression

Here are a few ways you can infuse your goal strategy with healthy aggression:


Crush it — Take your goal and think about how you can crush it right now! Break down the largest task into bite-sized pieces and then find ways to slice those into smaller pieces so that every step becomes manageable.


Step on it — Don’t let anything get in your way of moving forward toward your goal. If a task seems too big, break it down and do what you can each day until you’ve got it done.


Shake it up — Turn things upside down and see how you can improve what you’re doing or what needs to get done. Shaking things up has a way of bringing new ideas and finding better solutions faster.


Smash it — If there is something getting in your way or holding you back from reaching your goal faster, smash it! Do whatever you have to do to remove obstacles from your path