Land of Quo



Land of Quo

Many people are stuck in The Land of Quo. In fact, most people are living in the status quo, which they eventually find themselves in the land of quo. The Land of Quo is full of conformity and homogeneity. In The Land of Quo, everyone is the same, doing the same thing and living the same life. They are blind to the possibilities and opportunities all around them.

When people drift from The Land of Plenty into The Land of Quo, they lose everything that made them feel happy and fulfilled in life. They lose their passion, they lose their purpose and they lose their dreams. They have so much potential within them, but it is never realized because they got stuck trying to be like everyone else in the world.

The drift is a very subtle movement that often goes unnoticed by those who are drifting. The drift can be a result of many factors and it is important to be able to recognize the signs of drift so you can avoid being sucked into The Land of Quo.

There are many Quo dwellers that are either blind to their surroundings or simply choose not to see them. They are satisfied with the status quo. They don’t like to take risks and they usually don’t want to risk the security of living in The Land of Quo. They hide behind the excuse that “it’s not my fault” and “there is nothing I can do about it.”

The good news is, there is a way out of The Land of Quo. It is not going to be easy and the path is challenging but it is possible. The first step in getting out of The Land of Quo is to wake up. Most people are sleep-walking through life, oblivious to the opportunities around them. Get up and start going after what you want in life.