Leadership Palette




Leadership Palette


When it comes to leadership, your palette consists of the skills you’re most confident using. For example, I might have strong communication skills, while you might be more charismatic than I am. It’s important to identify our strongest qualities so we can use them to our advantage.


In our everyday lives, we’re all more likely to gravitate toward things that are in our comfort zone. But when we’re doing something new—something that scares us, something challenging—it’s often our weakest skills that lead us through it.


Your leadership palette is like a set of paints. If you’re creating a portrait of a person, you might paint it with a palette of blues and purples. Those are the skills you’re most comfortable using, even if they aren’t the right colors.



You have the ability to paint a much fuller picture by broadening your palette.


We often limit ourselves without realizing it. We become afraid of trying new things and failing, so we stick with what we know. Together, let’s push ourselves to try new things, to stretch our comfort zones, and to grow as leaders.