Central Principals in my life:

Believe, Prepare, Attack

Belief is compromized by Fear

What are you fears?  For example: Fear of public speaking?  Fear of change?  Fear of negotiation?  Fear of failure?  Fear or conflict? [Page 10 -Workbook]

In 2008, this country was in a middle of a prolonged and ruinous recession. The company I started was in trouble. Businesses were going bankrupt left and right.  the pressure got to me.  I couldn’t sleep.  My health suffered. I was anxious and depressed.  I had to do something [Page 15 – Wired Differently]

I regrouped. I rallied my mind and set myself to Prepare.  I turned away from the drugs.  I prayed.  I exercised aggressively.  I ate differently. I forced myself to keep a mindful, healthy routine and to attend my relationships.  I prepared my mind to be Elite.

As I continued to Prepare, I found myself attacking my Fear instead of being paralyzed by it.

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But to Believe

You have to get out of Quo

Another term for the status quo but a bigger version of your surroundings and where you exist.  Often, we exit as a mere drone in this “Land of Quo” where we accept the boundaries and limitations given to us [Page 11 – Wired Differently]

In my book, I share my personal journey about how I repeatedly found myself in the Land of Quo and how, each time, I Attacked to get out.  This is how I beat the Bigger, Faster, Stronger obstacles in my life from injuries, depression, financial loss, betrayal and most of all – my own negative thoughts.

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If you are not attacking,

You are in Quo.

I know the word “attack” sounds aggressive and that’s why I like it.  Do I mean hurting another person?  Of course not.  Attack is about taking decisive action and having the confidence to live with the consequences.

Attack is a bold and determined action against a specific goal

If you are not taking bold and determined action in any area that you are in quo about, consider that you are drifting.

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