Understanding Who You Are And You’re Impact On The World

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Reflect on everything about yourself and write it down

The first step in self-discovery is to take a moment to think about who you are, what values define you, and what your goals are. Grab a piece of paper and write down everything that comes to mind. It doesn’t matter if it’s positive or negative, just write it all down and be honest with yourself.

Get clear on your strengths, weaknesses, values, goals, and beliefs. Take the time to really understand these things about yourself so that you can make life decisions based on them and have more confidence in doing so.

Write down every single thing that comes to mind even if it feels embarrassing or shameful because no one else will see this list but you (unless you want them to). It’s important to be courageous and admit to your own faults because only then can we work on improving ourselves as people.

What are your gifts, talents, abilities, and natural skills?

What do you think is your greatest talent, skill, ability, or gift? Do you know? If not, I want to help you find out.

Your talents are things that come easy to you. They may be things that come so easy to you that they seem insignificant and everyone else has them too. But they aren’t insignificant—they are the perfect entry point for discovering your true identity and purpose.

Here are some questions to get you started:

  • What do you enjoy doing?
  • What do people ask you to do for them because they know it’s something that comes naturally and easily to you?
  • What would people say is your natural talent (what comes easy)?
  • What do you like talking about or enjoying sharing with others through conversation or social media posts?
  • What would people see as a strength in what comes naturally to who you are at the core of who God created and designed you to be?

What are your core beliefs and values?

Your core beliefs are everything that you believe to be true. They are the principles, ideals, and values that you hold most important in your life. These are what make up who you are, and they guide all of your other decisions and behaviors.

So, knowing what your core beliefs are extremely important to live a happy, successful, and fulfilling life. If you start with the foundation of a solid set of core beliefs, then the decisions you make will be based on those ideas and will lead to increased success in every area of your life. Again, it’s much easier to build something when you have a solid foundation to start from. When you know exactly what your core values and beliefs are, your behavior will align accordingly – which means that living intentionally becomes much easier!

What non-negotiable behaviors and attitudes do you have?

Once you have a firm idea of your personality, it’s time to consider your behaviors and attitudes. All of us run on autopilot sometimes, and it’s difficult to maintain awareness of what we actually believe in and stand for.

Before you can know where to begin, here are some important things to keep in mind: * Be honest with yourself. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel—you’re not going anywhere if you’re misaligned with who you really are. * Give yourself grace. This is hard work! Don’t beat yourself up over the past or over setbacks on your journey towards becoming more purposeful.

The next step is to do a big-picture evaluation of how you spend your time and energy. Make a list of how these resources are being spent right now, then decide whether that makes sense for the person you want to be five years down the road.

How do you interact with the world?

You interact with the world based on how you see yourself. You see yourself through your thoughts, feelings and actions.

Your thoughts, emotions and behaviors are shaped by those around you. Those around you may include friends, family, colleagues and teachers. It is important that you realize that the negative or positive energy of others can affect your behavior and be careful in choosing people who you spend your time with. The strongest relationships in our lives are often healthy ones, where there is mutual trust, respect and feeling of being valued as an individual person. Relationships can have a strong impact on how we feel about ourselves as well as how we behave towards other people.

The way you perceive yourself can make all the difference in what kind of relationship choices you make for yourself later in life.

How do others see you?

Regardless of what other feedback methods you end up trying, one of the most powerful ways to get an idea of how others perceive you is from people who know you well. This includes your friends and family members, as well as co-workers or teammates with whom you’ve formed close bonds.

These people spend a lot of time with you and can thus provide valuable insights into the impact that your behavior has on others. They also bring a perspective that’s different from yours, which may help fill in some gaps about how others see you.

What type of person are you trying to be in the world?

When attempting to understand who you are and your impact on the world, consider how you want to be known to the world. Think about what kind of person you want to be and what kind of person you want to be seen as. If a stranger were to come up to you, what would they expect from you? What kind of person do you want them to perceive?

Seeing yourself in this way will give a better indication of who YOU are as a person and how YOUR behavior is perceived by others. The more aware that YOU become about how YOU impact the world around YOU, that’s when things begin changing in YOUR life.

If someone asks you “who are you?”, then make sure that your answer defines who YOU really are. How do YOU show up in the world? How do folks describe YOU when they talk about YOU without being there? How do those closest to YOU define who THEY think that YOU are?

This is ultimately one of the most fascinating topics for anyone’s self-discovery journey because it can help personal growth in all areas of life. The self-awareness needed can only lead toward a deeper understanding of oneself and their relationships with others, which can always lead toward making improvements in one’s life

What does the person in front of a mirror look like?

The person in front of the mirror is a unique individual with specific gifts, talents and abilities unlike anyone else. You’re not like everyone else. You may be similar to others, but you’re still different from them. Each person has a unique personality that comes from their gifts, talents, skills and abilities. These are some of the main things that make us who we are as people.

By knowing your gifts, talents and abilities you know what type of work or career to pursue or create for yourself. You also know how you best interact with other people which makes it easier to deal with them in relationships, including marriages and friendships. Knowing your gifts shows you how to contribute to society because they tell you exactly how you can serve others through your work or by using volunteer efforts in helping others where they need it most.

There is not another like you!

There is only one you on this planet. You are completely unique and there is no other like you! No one has your thoughts, ideas, and creativity. No one has the same potential and possibilities that you have. No one has had the exact same experiences that you have had in your life. No one’s DNA is exactly the same as yours. That also means no one has had the same opportunities that you have had in your life. It will be very helpful to understand that no matter what stage of your life or career, there is no other person who can think, create or do exactly as you can!

Everyone matters in their own way.

You are a unique person. You matter to at least one person in the world. You matter to the world, even though you may not see it or think so. There is no one else like you and no one else will ever be like you. No other combination of factors has ever been assembled in the exact way that they have been with you.

You may never impact someone’s life as much as Mother Teresa did, but everyone matters in their own way and every life is important because it is loved by someone else. You don’t need to be famous or rich or extremely talented to make an impact on this world; all you need is love and someone to give that love to.